1 Day

Kanyam is famous for its beautiful green tea garden and picnic spots & called Charkhol (Area of four rivers) because of the four main rivers - the Jogmai, Puwamai  & pilgrimage destination & Mai, and Deaumai near Nepal's eastern border at Darjeeling district.

Pathivara Devi shrine is a popular pilgrimage destination that is believed to fulfil the long-cherished dreams of her devotees. The animist deity at Pathivara is worshipped with equal reverence by both Hindus and Buddhist.

You can also have an opportunity to visit the Kanchanjungha range, the waterfall at Sawa Pokhari and the pond of Timbuk.

Pashupatinagar is a town and Village Development Committee in Ilam District in the Mechi Zone of eastern Nepal. There is a border crossing to Sukhiapokhri town with a customs checkpoint. It is very beautiful because of its nature and the people living there.