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Kanyam is a Place of Ilam district in the Mechi zone of eastern Nepal. It is one of the famous tourist places for National and International Tourist. It is popular for its lush green tea garden and is the most beautiful and most popular for tourism and picnic spot.

It lies on the way to Ilam bazaar on the Mechi highway spreading its greenery in about 240 hectors of land and is situated at the height of 6000 feet from the sea level. A large tea estate called Kanyam Tea Estate is planted in the Middle of Tea Garden which has also helped in the development of Kanyam.

The tea garden is popular among tourists (domestic as well as international) for research, picnic, sight scene, photography and for moviemaking as well.

There is also a small town on the Mechi highway nearby Kanyam called Fikkal bazaar, it is the junction from where one can go to the eastern border called Pashupatinagar adjacent to the Darjeeling of India.

Ilam is a beautiful hill station in eastern Nepal. It is popular for tea with many beautiful and lush tea gardens in the hills of Ilam. Besides the spectacular views of the tea gardens, there are many other places to visit in Ilam.

Pathivara Devi shrine (3794m) is a popular pilgrimage destination that is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotees. The animist deity at Pathivara is worshiped with equal reverence by both Hindus and Buddhist.

The Goddess at Pathibhara is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotees, like sons to those without sons, and wealth for the poor. Pathivara Devi is considered one of the 'Shakti peeths'.

Worshippers from different parts of Nepal and India flock to the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfilment of all that the pilgrim desires.

The devotees of Pathibhara also include members of the Royal family from Nepal. The pilgrims sacrifice animals and bring gold and silver as offerings to the Pathibhara Devi.

Pilgrimages can also have an opportunity to visit the Kanchanjungha range, the waterfall at Sawa Pokhari and the pond of Timbuk, during autumn and spring every year.

The thick forest eco-system along the trail offers the diversity of wildlife, birds, flowers, and butterflies. Most of the Kanchenjunga range can also be seen from this point.

The journey to Pathibhara starts from Suketar (2840m) which takes about a 2-hours walk to reach from Phungling Bazaar. Pathibhara Devi is about 8-10 hours from Suketar.

Sherpas, Rais, Gurungs, Magars, Newars, Sunwars, and Tamangs also live in this area, while the area also offers the cultural diversity of Chhetris and Brahmins.

A very interesting market, about 15 km away from Mirik is the Pashupati Nagar Market. The market is at the Indo Nepalese border and half of it lies in the neighbouring country.

The beautiful market has very strict restrictions due to the cross country trade but you can always buy cloth, perfumes, handicrafts much more. When in the market, be very careful of the strict checks at the Indo Nepalese check posts.