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Sakhada (Chinnamasta Bhagawati) is a famous temple and Shakti Peethas in Eastern Nepal. It is situated in Chinnamasta VDC, Saptari, 10 km from Rajbiraj and also near to Indian Border.

This Temple is the main attraction for Nepal and Indian Pilgrims. People from all over Nepal and India come here in Bada Dashain and other festivals. Some thousands of goats are sacrificed here during Dashain.

According to Ancient History and Hindu Legend in 1097 when Muslim Kingdoms's attacks in Karnataka king Nanyadeva state then he left his state and ran through Pataliputra and came to stay in Simraungadh (Bara) and made it his capital at that time.

These Nanyadeva the fifth generation descendant of the king were Sakrasinha Dev. He comes to Saptari district to live his rest of life. At that time the place is full of forest, one day when he starts cleaning the forest he found the statue of the goddess Bhagwati.

Since shortly after the severed head of the goddess Bhagawati, it is said as Chinnamasta Bhagawati.

Kankalini Temple, one of the famous temples of Nepal, is located in the village Bhardaha that lay on either side of the Mahendra Highway in Saptari district. The five-storied temple is located at the side of Mahendra Highway and is easily spotted.

One can reach there by bus with 17 km ride towards northeast from Rajbiraj or 5 km west of Koshi Bridge. The temple is a shrine of one of the powerful forms of the Hindu goddess of Durga whom people worship with full of devotion and faith.

Koshi is a trans-boundary river which flows through Bihar and Nepal. It is known as seven tributaries. The river basin is surrounded by several ridges. It separates from Yarlung Tsangpo River in the northern part, Gandaki in the western part and Mahananda in the eastern part.

This river has two tributaries. Fishing is really an important enterprise in the river. It is a pleasant place to travel. There are several picnic spots like Bivha National Park, Koshi High Dam, Katiya Power project, Latona Church and Azgaibi Kali Mandir etc.

There is another place to visit is Hardi that is Chowghara and it is a historical birthplace of famous warrior Allah and Rudal. So there are different places to visit.